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Have they fixed the Voice control for the Volume of Group speakers yet?  16 Replies
Issue with voice control of volume of group speakers. Whenever indicating “set volume of (Group Name) to X%”, it only changes the volume of the nearest Speaker heard.  Additionally, when trying to control the group volume using the App, it changes the volume based on the AVERAGE of all the speakers, and does not apply the same volume percentage to all the speakers equally.  

One workaround I discovered that does work is making ROUTINES for each voume setting I want applied to all speakers in group.  For instance, create routine called “All Speakers Volume High” and individually set the actions to adjust volume of each speakers to 70%.  This works well,  but have to set multiple volume settings per group of speakers.  A permanent fix from Google would resolve the need to do this.
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I have the same problem and it's really annoying, i have multiple groups in the house and it's a nightmare, i must always control the volume through the app...  That issue really needs to be done right soon....
Worked with tech support and they had no clue what to do.  They tried to blame my WAPs.  "So you mean I can link the mini speakers into a group, stream the same music to them all, but my WAPs are creating a problem"? Laughable.
If nothing else it seems they could allow the app on my phone to say set all speakers at volume X for example and all of my mini's would be played at that volume. Seems basic to me.
I think I have a better work around.  First set the volume of the group to 0% which will normalise the volume of each device to zero. The set the the volume of the group to your desired level and all group members will be the same volume.  Unfortunately you may need to be playing to the group first to allow you to adjust the group volume which precludes setting the level before playing music.
A sadly intolerable issue. Having entertained my husband through reaching full on rant mode whilst attempting to regain control of the volumes of our google home minis in speaker group mode, I have had to delete the group lest I damage the walls of the apartment in punishment of the device.
How to set my volume
Adjusting group volume with voice seems to be working for me. When I say “set volume of (Group Name) to X%” both speakers in the group are adjusted. Here is the information for my firmware:

Google Home Hub
System firmware version 141422
Cast firmware version 1.36.141422
Language English (Australia)
Country code AU

Google Home
System firmware version 145350
Cast firmware version 1.37.145350
Language English (Australia)
Country code AU
Google is really starting to suck, hard.  I'm ready to go to Alexa and tell googl to GO FUCK YOURSELVES.
How about you just restore the software yo where it was a year ago and leave us all the hell alone.  Your developers have some really major screw ups..  back to Samsung phones and Alexa.  Stick to annoying ads and I'll use the brave browser.  Damn it why did I invest so much in your home automation crap.
I am able to successfully adjust the volume of two speakers at once. "Set the volume to 30% on Speaker One and Speaker Two"
This works for me "set volume to x% on y group"
I've got the same problem. This is very annoying.
Same problem here.  From "Hub A", I can set the volumes of "Hub B", "Hub C", and "Hub D", but I have to issue the commands separately.

"Hey, Google - Set volume level 8 on Hub B"
"Hey, Google - Set volume level 8 on Hub C"


The fact this was reported on 11/22/18 and now it's 9/26/19 and there is still no fix is very concerning to me from a product support standpoint.
I've invest in Google home devices and I'm starting to regret doing so. Google is not supporting know issues, I expect a giant like them to offer a simple function so we can control volume on several devices with one command -  not a programmer but seams. I will not buy any more Google product's until this is corrected. I'm very disappointed in the lack of support on resolving this issue Google.
I've got the exact opposit problem now. The volume command controls all speakers. Imagine the frustration when we now have 8 speakers in our house and someone want to raise or lower the volume of ONE speaker, i.e. the speaker in the room where they are at the moment. Suddenly the whole frikking house is a HOUSEPARTY at 6 in the morning while everyone are freaking out trying to shout to each speaker to lower the volume!??!!?

The whole point of having separate rooms is context awareness, so a user won't have to say "Lower the volume in the bedroom". when... they... are... IN THE BEDROOM!
[SOLVED] How to Set Volume on all Google Home Speaker Devices (or a group) Simultaneously

[EDIT] I highly recommend creating a group called "ALL SPEAKERS" for your main speaker group; I have had the best result doing this as "All Speakers" is a command that Google understands, however, sometimes it's looking for a group in certain contexts; in this manner -- you get to have your cake and eat it too.

The following works flawlessly on my 3 speaker setup. I actually have a group called "All Rooms" but I literally never use it -- however, I would assume that the following only works because my speakers do exist together in a google group. The magic words are "All SPEAKERS"...

Hey Google, Set "x" (Room Name / Group Name / All Speakers) to Volume "x" (3, 5, etc)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the music is already playing on a group, the entire group volume can be set simply by saying (to any of the speakers in that playing group),
Hey Google, Set Volume to  "x" (3, 5, etc)

"Hey Google, Set All Speakers to Volume 1" -- sometimes you may find it easier to just do this manually by touching each speaker and taking volume as low as it will go. This sometimes needs to be done if the speakers end up on different volume levels; volume control will sometimes stop working as a group if they're not all on the same volume level while they're playing. However, the % should still work -- although I haven't messed with that a great deal, I have had success using percentages when the speakers were all on different volume levels...

I rarely use percentages because things can get quite out of whack (they end up at strange percentages like 38%, 41%, etc). However, if you need to have different volumes on different speakers (e.g. to have harmonic / decibel balance) in your home, consider the following when applying percentages:
- Hey Google, Set All Speakers to 80% -- if one of your speakers was originally set to 10 = 8 (but will likely end up at something like (79% or 81%)
- Hey Google, Set All Speakers to 80% -- if another speaker was originally set to 5 = 4

Hey Google, move music to "x" (Room Name / Group Name / All Speakers)

- Hey Google, Play "x" (playlist name) on "x" (Room Name / Group Name)

I hope this is helpful to somebody!