How to sign up on the Cell Phone T-Mobile Business Reseller Teltik

By Zack - March 09, 2017

  1. Wait until a week before the end of your monthly end date since most cell providers don't pro-rate you.
  2. If you have a business EIN great. If not, apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online. Anyone who has an ebay marketplace or amazon marketplace can get an EIN. IRS doesn't even need proof of it. 
  3. Order your SIM
  4. If you're on a T-Mobile line, port your number to Google Voice ($20 fee) a day before your Sim arrives. It takes 24 Hours to port it. The key is to have as little downtime as possible. You might even be able to port for free or a lower cost with other providers such as CellNUVO 
  5. 24 Hours before your sim arrives port to Google Voice.
  6. Once complete, unlock your number.
  7. Put the SIM + Dummy number from Teltik into your phone and make sure data, etc is fine. 
  8. Port the Number from Google Voice to Teltik
    1. Account # is just your Google Number with no hyphens. (xxxXXXxxxx)
    2. PIN is the voicemail pin in your Google Voice Settings
  9. Wait for number to port from GV to Teltik.
  10. Profit!

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