Media Encoder Jail in FreeNAS (ffmpeg, handbrake, filebot)

By Zack - December 06, 2016

Create the jail

Install the encoding options you'd like to use inside the jail. 'jls' to see the list of jails and to enter the jail: 'jexec #'.

I installed the following 

pkg install python
pkg install ffmpeg
pkg install handbrake
Filebot: Extracted the portable package into a folder in the jail -- Screenshot
pkg install libass
portsnap fetch
cd /usr/ports/audio/lame
make install clean (just keep hitting enter till it's finished)

Make sure the jail can access your encoding / media folder(s)

I used this python script and commented out import ntfsutils.junction (Line 63)

and then changed these lines:

FFMPEG = '/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg' #'/usr/bin/FFMPEG'

HANDBRAKE = "/usr/local/bin/HandBrakeCLI" #'/usr/bin/HandBrakeCLI"

FILEBOT = '/filebot/'

Run the Python Script in the jail:

root@encoder_jail: nohup python scripts/

Thanks to @KameeCoding & for helping me getting it working.

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