How to create a symbolic link. (Good for c:/windows/installer and C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Google)

By Zack - December 13, 2015

If you check out this Windirstat: You can see those 2 folders use an unnecessary amount of space.

- C:/Windows/Installer
- C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Google

1. Copy these folders to a hard drive that's more spacious!  (Note: Windows\Installer is a system folder and thus invisible in Windows 8.1. You have to tweak your account to make it visible to use Explorer to make the copy. Google will help you find out how to do that.)
2.  Run CMD as administrator and type these commands:

rmdir /s /q C:\Windows\Installer

rmdir /s /q C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Google

If they give you errors there could be a process open you'll have to END (in task manager).

Create Symbolic Links: 

mklink /D C:\Windows\Installer D:\C_DRIVE\Windows\Installer 

mklink /D C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Google D:\C_DRIVE\Users\Administrator\AppData\Google

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