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By Zack - September 26, 2015

  1. Go to the Indeed Advanced Job Search (Inserting these fields correctly will format the search for you!

2.  Think of all the words that your job posting might contain. 

Put these where it says "With at least one of these words". You don't want to list too many words or else it'll be harder later on to narrow your search.

In my case I used EMC EMI RF "compliance engineer"  "wireless  engineer"

If I just list compliance or wireless separately without quotes, it will find literally every posting that has wireless internet in it along with engineer and list it. Same goes with compliance. EMC/EMI/RF are more specific words to electrical engineering and so I would get as many erroneous search results.

3. Think of words you don't want included in your search. These will go in the "With at least one of these words".This will help you narrow down your results. It's best to be really specific with these. You want to make sure none of the words you add here will be found in ANY OTHER JOB POSTINGS that you're looking for.

4. If looking for an Entry Level/Associate job, you can actually filter out Senior/Sr/Principal/Staff positions by adding -Senior -Sr -Principal to the "With these words in the title".

5. You narrow your search by either one, filling in the field "with ALL of these words" or by adding more words to exclude. I recommend adding more words to the exclude list that you know you don't want in any of your job post listings.

For my EMC/EMI/RF Entry Level Engineer position I was seeking this is how I did it:

With all of these words: Engineer  
With at least one of these words: EMC EMI RF "Wireless Engineer" "Compliance Engineer"
With none of these words: QA SQL VMWARE DSSD "Applied Mathematics Department" Lan Wan VMWare TCL Python "RF Scanner" NAS SAN
With these words in the title:-Senior -Sr -Principal -Staff -4 -3 -4/3 -Software -picking -"ORDER PULLING" -Principle -Industrial -III -IV -V -Manager -lead -VP -Mechanical -Manufacturing -Drafter -Technician -Metals -Director -Executive -"Vice President" -Storage -Chief -Writer -Supervisor

Location: Only in, Ca

Engineer was the only word I could think of that I would want in ALL of my job postings. I could have put something more specific to engineering like "Electrical Engineer", but it would have thereby hidden lots of jobs because a lot of engineering jobs don't actually use that phrase. It makes your search VERY SPECIFIC when you use the field "all of these words" so usually you want it somewhat general.

So basically If you look at the first/third lines I'm searching for the words ENGINEER and EMC/EMI/RF/"compliance engineer".These can be ANYWHERE in the whole job web page. Compliance was a very tricky word.. because in every industry they use that word. "in compliance"... etc. I was only looking for a "compliance Engineer" position and so I listed it in quotes. If I had left it just compliance it would have doubled my results. EMC/EMI/RF all somewhat relate to Electrical Engineering and so it wasn't an issue with them. I can even narrow it down more by adding more position names as well when I come across them... like "Wireless Engineer".

To narrow down my search even more I'll probably just look for an odd job posting and then analyze for a keyword that might show up in other job postings that are similar.

For example an "Industrial Engineer" position popped up on like the 4th page of my search results. It popped up because 1. It includes the word engineer, and 2 it has one reference to "RF".

 Proficient with AS400, RF Scanning and WMS systems as well as with basic PC software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)
So what I can do is just add "industrial engineer" to my exclude list now. You just have to be careful because some job posting start listing majors.. and just include all the engineering majors.

If you can go through 10 pages of jobs and they're all relevant to what you're looking for, you know your filter is good!

See here for the Indeed Explanation Page for further information.

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