Samsung Battery Life Tricks and Tips (VZW)

By Zack - June 17, 2012

Top Battery Drainers: Display and 3G/4G without a doubt.

~~My Current Setup~~(Testing JB)~
  • CDMA only (Settings --> Wireless and Networks --> Mobile network-->Network mode)
  • Kernel: Franco Kernel
  • ROM: Liquid Smooth
  • Radios: Latest 4.0.4 radios (FC04/FC05)
  • CPU Clock: 350mhz min - 1350 mhz max     GPU: 385mhz     CPU Undervolt: None.
  • Governor: ----
  • Automatic Backlight Settings (Click here to see my blog post explaining it in more depth.)
    • Enabled - Check it
    • Window Length - 10 s (change to 5s if you want a quicker backlight response)
    • Reset Threshold - 600 lux (This is helpful when going from inside to outside)
    • Sample Interval - 10s (The lower the more cpu it will use)
    • Use custom - Check it
    • Screen Dim Level - 1
    • Allow light to decrease - Check it
    • Decrease Hysteresis - 50% (if you get a lot of screen flickering perhaps lower this some more)
    • Edit Other Levels - Scroll to the bottom and click Set number of levels, and set it to 20. Scroll back up and go through the screen column changing the values to these: 
I found these to be the most stable voltage settings! If the sensor values are too DIM check here, for some other options. I personally don't see a difference between 200 and 250.
  • ROM settings (if available)
    • General -  "Android Bugmailer" checked.
    • Propmodder - Wifi scan interval - set to 270, Check in service - checked, Diable Logcat checked, Sdcard Speed Hack - 2048kb
    • Powersaver (A feature that will allow you to set data to check in at specific intervals or turn data off when the screen is off. Use this if you don't need push notifications. I've used it and to be honest didn't notice much but I haven't tested it much either.)
      • Enable Powersaver - checked
      • Screen Off Action - Data off
      • Sync Action - Autosync off
      • Screen-off WiFi action  - untouched
      • Sync data usage - Prefer WiFi
      • Sync mobile data - Prefer 3G
  • Adjusting Lean Kernel for Optimal Battery/Performance
    • Download and flash Lean Tweaks
    • Start up Lean Tweaks (Open terminal emulator and type: "su" ... and then "leantweaks"
      • Enable 'File System Speedup' (mount disc noatime)
      • Enable zram
      • Enable SD Card Speedup (set to base 2048)
      • Go to kernel menu--> Set Customer Vibration Value--> Set to 1000
  • Using Franco App for some battery / performance
    • Make sure "SQlite" is checked
    • Disable "logger"
  • Other settings that will may help:
    • USE WIFI  as much as you can. This almost doubles my battery life.
    • Turn these off!
      • Bluetooth
      • NFC
      • Logout of gtalk
      • Adjust individual app data intervals/sync of your apps. Manually is usually the best.
      • Dial pad tones, touch sounds, screen lock sounds, vibrate on touch
    • Black / Dark Backgrounds: Uses less battery. Helps if the app has an inverted option as well.
  • Notes
    • Leaving GPS on shouldn't matter, unless there's an app constantly using it.
    • I use the stock extended battery/stock battery
    • If your battery is draining fast download CPU Spy and use it to make sure your phone is entering into "Deep Sleep" when the screen is off.
    • Check your running apps every so often to see what's running in the background
    • Buying a spare battery maybe be your best option if you're struggling
    • You want Google's location service to be on. This uses wifi and mobile networks to get a location rather than gps (more power).
    • Thanks to my friend  brkshr. Here's his thread - RootzWiki Thread and also to amplified here. I mainly created this to have as my own personal reference and to add my insights that I've researched.
                                 (ICS) THIS IS WITH WIFI                                                (ICS) This is with a BAD 3g Signal (0 or 1 bars) using power saver and sync off.

     ;(JB)WIFI + No Tweaks (liquid/franco kernel)                                &nbsp (JB) 3g/4g

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  1. so most JB ROMs have the custom backlight settings back.

    Also, what are your settings for CPU? I'm reading interactiveX doesn't work so smooth with JB?

    1. I'm still testing stuff on JB. sorry i'll update it lol