Google Now Commands / Tips / Tricks

By Zack - June 30, 2012

To access google now, select it from the lock screen or swipe up from the navigation keys.

 Tip: Set your home and work locations for better cards.

 (Post a comment for a command I haven't listed please!!)

Voice activation Alternatives:
_______ Google (or anything that rhymes with Google)
OK Jarvis
Ok Hugo
Ok computer
Ok phone (works 50% of the time)

Remind me to ________.  (Day, Future time, etc)

What is the weather like on _________? (Day/Time of Day)
What is the temperature on _________? (Day/Time of Day)
Do I need an umbrella
Will it snow/rain this week?

When is the next  game?
How are the  doing?
Who do the  play next?
Did the (team) win their last game?
Who are/What is the mascot(s) of ____ ?

What time is it in ?
When is sunrise/sunset in ?
What timezone is  in?
When was ?
When is  in ?
When is daylight savings?
When does  start?

What's ____ in _____?
What is the tip for ____ dollars?
Percent of ?
Square root of ?
What is Pi?
What is a baker's dozen?
How much is one _____?  
.... And pretty much any other mathematical simple calculation.
Roll a dice

Is my flight on time?
Ask for "my reservations" or "my hotel"
Has  landed?
When will  land?

Who is the CEO of ?

Knowledge/Facts (Who, What, Where, When, How)
Who directed ________?
Bacon number _____.
How long is ____ ?
What's the rating for _____?
When was the first episode of _____?
When did ______ come out?
Who produced ?
Who founded ________?
Who invented ________?
Where did  go to college?
How tall is .
Who is  married to?
Define/What is a ?
Author of _______? || Who wrote ____?
Where is zip code .
Where is area code .
Temperature of the _________?  e.g. sun
How old is ?
When was _____ born?
When did _____ die?
Language of ?
Currency of .
Capital of .
Population of .
State Bird/Flower/etc of .
How did ____ die?
How old is the ____?
What's the theme on ______ ?
How tall do you have to be to ride ____?
When was ____ built?
What are the dimensions of _____?
What's the capacity of ____?
What's the acceptance rate at _____?

Translate to , __________.

Do a barrel roll.
Who’s on first?
What's the answer to Life, the universe, and everything?
When am I?
Who are you?
Make me a sandwhich!
What's the loneliest number?
Tilt ,Askew
How can entropy be reversed? 
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 
Beam me up scotty
Make me a sandwich
When does the narwal bacon?
What is the loneliest number?

Useful Google Search Phrases:

What are my plans for tomorrow?
Flip a coin
Roll dice (rolls a single six-sided die)
What are the hours of _________?
I'm hungry.
When does ______ close? 
Youtube ______.
Map of _______.
How far is ______ from my location?
How far is ______ from ______?
Where is in ?
Show me photos from _______?  || Pictures/Images of _______.
What's the cast of ?
National Anthem of .
Flag of .

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