Best Android Apps - Essential - Necessary - Great - Good

By Zack - April 07, 2012

- Titanium Backup ($) see my guide here: TiBu Guide
- Swype ($) Fastest one hand keyboard)
- Tapatalk HD ($) Forum reader/browser)
- Nova Launcher ($)
- Airdroid (wirelessly transfers files between your computer and device)
- Google Voice
- Chrome Beta (syncs with your chrome browser)
- Unified Remote ($) (Control everything on your PC with your device)
- Dropbox/Google Drive (Cloud file service)
- Reddit Sync
- Score Center
- Wolfram Alpha ($ - Best calculator there is)
- Tasker ($)
- Amazon
- Flixster (movies)
- Cerberus ($ - Remote Phone Security from the web)
- Mint
 - Torch
- From Google: Keep, Gmail, Google+, Drive, YouTube, Play Music, etc

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  1. I have a mostly different list....

    for File/app Management
    my bare minimum is :

    Solid Explorer + Pro Key
    the devloper is responsive to suggestion and dedicated to the product.

    Also: I need APK extractor because you can never have enough awesomeness.
    I will check out sound hound, I usually shazam; But i have found 2 songs i couldnt identify....yet to try on Youtube lyric search though.
    speaking of apps, are you aware of any popular, but low memory use apps that i could stream some video from my phone to a friendly viewscreen by anymeans other than via internet. It has to stream, i do not think any delay would fly.
    suggestion for updcoming post: must haves with Root