Best Settings for Wireless Arctic 7 2019 Headset

By Zack - January 04, 2020

Download these three programs:

  1. Uninstall ss engine (because DTS software has to be removed, to use peacegui)
  2. Reinstall ssengine WITHOUT DTS software
  3. BlueRibbon.jpg
  4. Install equalizer apo and peace gui addon
  5. Open equalizer apo "configurator" select your arctis device to install + disable "use original apo" in troubleshooting

Example Equalizers:


If Peace doesn't seem to change the sound at all when you first load it up follow these steps:

"Yeah, I actually had the exact same issue! So what you need to do is install the experimental driver, because for some reason apparently one of the Windows Creator Updates broke the functionality with the regular driver.

Open up Peace with the "Full Interface" then go to Settings -> Debugging and Testing. On this screen, click the button "Equalizer APO's Configurator" then highlight "Arctis 7 Game" and check the box "Troubleshooting Options (only use in case of problems)". In the drop down menu choose "Install as SFX/EFX (experimental)". I think you'll be prompted to restart but if not go ahead and do so.

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