[Windows] Setting up Rclone Browser & Rclone Mount

By Zack - December 22, 2019

Setting up Rclone Browser

  1. Download the 64 bit version of Rclone Browser 
  2. Unzip the file in C:\\rclone once again
  3. Open the RcloneBrowser.exe file to load the software
  4. Click file>preferences at the top left
  5. For the rclone location: C:\\rclone\\rclone.exe
  6. For the .rclone.conf location: C:\\Users\\***username***\\.config\\rclone
  7. Check all of the options underneath
  8. Now that “gdrive” (your remote folder) has been populated at the top, click upload
  9. Select the “Source” from which you will be uploading – Mine is I:\\Plex Collection
  10. Enter the Destination of the upload – Mine is gdrive:/Plex Collection
  11. Because we created “Backup” as the root folder, Plex Collection (or whatever you name it) will fall underneath this folder on Google Drive
  12. Select the options that you would like, mine are:
  13. Sync Mode – Delete During Transfer
  14. Skip files that are newer on the destination
  15. Compare Size & mod-time
  16. Verbose output
  17. Click run to begin the uploading process

Setting up Rclone Mount

  1. Download WinFsp and select all of the options during installation 
  2. Download the nssm tool 
  3. Extract the 64-bit .exe and to your rclone folder
  4. Open CMD to your Rclone folder
  5. Type nssm install 
  6. Type the following under Applications:
    • Path: C:\\rclone\\rclone.exe
    • Startup Directory: C:\\rclone
    • Arguments: mount --allow-other --dir-cache-time 72h --drive-chunk-size 64M --log-level INFO --vfs-read-chunk-size 32M --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit off gdrive: X: --config "C:\\Users\\***username***\\.config\\rclone\\rclone.conf" --vfs-cache-mode writes
    • Service Name: RcloneMount
    • Under Exit type: 10000 ms, Select the Restart application setting
    • Click Install Service
  7. Type nssm start RcloneMount
  8. COMPLETE  (you should now have X:/ mounted like so)
  9. To Speed up the Mount: 
    1. Right click the Mount gdrive (X:)  → Properties → Customize → Optimze this folder for: Documents → Check "Also apply this template to all subfolders"

Thanks to :  https://www.reddit.com/user/pierce3215

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