How to transfer from a T-Mobile contract/post-paid plan to the Walmart $30/mo, 5 GB data, Unlimited Texting, and 100 Min plan.

By Zack - September 09, 2016

Bare in mind you have to do all this because this plan is only for NEW ACTIVATIONS. So basically you port it out to Google Voice... then port it in (as a new activation).

1. Buy the $30/mo prepaid plan from walmart (sim activation kit + $30)

2. Wait until the end of your billing period since they don't pro-rate it if you close your plan early. So in my case I'll port my number a week before the ending billing date just in case.... I did mine on the 7th. You never know how long porting will take even though the majority of the time it takes around 24 hours.

3. Port out your number to Google Voice. This cancels your current plan and Wait for Google Voice to finish porting your Post-Paid / T-Mobile #

4. Activate the Sim Card with any old number that isn't your Current #. (You'll eventually port your current number to this account).

It will tell you to add $$$ to your account but once you get the text your sim card is activated, the 1st month should be ready to go. In the link it should be ready and activated even though they say to refill it.

5. Wait for the porting to complete (once complete you'll have no cell service and your t-mobile account will be closed. Now you can switch back to your other SIM.

6. Unlock your Google Voice #
7. Port your now Google Voice # back to T-Mobile (this would satisfy the new-registration requirement).

Call @ 1-877-789-3106 (press 0 a lot to skip the automated prompts).

Wait < 24 hours and that's it!

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