Over-the-Air Programming (OTA) - Verizon Wireless

By Zack - February 28, 2012


*228 option 1
-Programs the MDN, MIN and Home SID into the phone, downloads the latest PRL, and sets the lock code to the last 4 digits of the MDN. (This option is used if the phone has been deactivated or is being activated for the first time.)

*228 option 2 
-Only downloads the current PRL. (Downloads Preferred Roaming List, so that your phone will automatically know what network to use when you are not using your home SID. It Updates roaming information and to download a free software upgrade to enable better roaming coverage. Pressing 2 and choosing this option will assign your phone to another tower that should enable better reception, especially when roaming.

-Automatically performs option 1 without having to press 1.

-Automatically performs option 2 without having to press 2.

-Automatically performs option 1, plus applies changes specific to data cards.
Note: Do not perform *22899 on any device that is not a data card.

-Unassisted OTA for Prepaid phones

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